Welcome to Hoffmantown Church. We are excited to invite you to get connected with other believers in one of our K-Groups. Our prayer is that you would experience healthy Biblical Community through Fellowship (Koinonia) in the Word of God and with other believers. And that through this you would be strengthened in your walk with the Lord and others as you Know Christ and Follow Him.

In Acts 2:42 we learn that the Early Church Believers “were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” The pattern they followed is one of spending time together in the Word of God, thanking the Lord for His salvation and praying together. The results were amazing in their own lives and in the lives of others. God did a work in them as well as through them and this is our prayer for each member of Hoffmantown Church. We welcome you to join us and are excited to see how the Lord leads you as you prayerfully consider getting connected into a K-Group. If there is anything that we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sunday 8 AM – Click to expand

50 and up

Teacher: Rob Mahon | Phone: 821-7060
Director: Frank Thompson | Phone: 821-1105
Age Range: 50 and up
Avg. Class Size: 68 people
Room: B100
Emphasis: Discussion, small group studies, study through books of the bible, prayer, active support, involvement in church activities.
Characteristic: Friendly people, interactive teaching style, servant-hearted people, commitment to prayer, very supportive and compassionate class members
Social Aspect: Small groups, missions, get-togethers, prayer, social/relational activities

55 and up

Teacher: Bill McCulloch | Phone: 821-4404
Director: Raygen & Norma Pyle | Phone: 821-2139
Age Range: 55 and up
Avg. Class Size: 30 people
Room: B202
Emphasis: Discussion, prayer, lecture
Characteristic: Closeness, fellowship,
Social Aspect: Class-wide potlucks, lunches

65 and up

Teacher: Bob Randall and Jerry Cantwell
Age Range: 65 and up
Avg. Class Size: 8 people
Room: B104
Emphasis: Bible study, prayer, caring atmosphere
Social Aspect: Giving, luncheons.

Sunday 9:30 AM – Click to expand


Teacher: Rob Mahon | Bill Hooten | Phone: 821-7060
Age Range: 30+
Avg. Class Size: 100 people
Room: B208/210
Emphasis: Discussion, small group studies, study through books of the Bible, strong emphasis on living out our faith in the workplace
Characteristic: Friendly people, interactive teaching style, group discussion
Social Aspect: Get-togethers, one-on-one and couple-to-couple basis

50 -70 - Ladies Only

Teacher: Marie Cain | Phone: 281-2395
Director: Linda Ballew | Phone: 293-2627
Age Range: 50 -70 – Ladies Only
Avg. Class Size: 15 people
Room: B104
Emphasis: Prayer, discussion, support, bible study
Characteristic: Ladies Only. Emphasis on intercession and support
Social Aspect: Activities, participating in projects


Teacher: Merv Jersak
Director: Jim & Tara Dearholt | Phone: 823-6733
Gary & Connie Yule | Phone: 296-6027
Age Range: 35-55
Avg. Class Size: 45 people
Room: B100
Emphasis: Small groups, prayer, lecture, discussion
Characteristic: Meet each week in small groups
Social Aspect: Activities, missions, get-togethers, small groups

Newly married or married w/ young kids

Teacher: Brian Nelson
Director: N/A
Age Range: Newly married or married w/ young kids
Avg. Class Size: 30 people
Room: B214
Emphasis: Bible study, some discussion and fellowship
Characteristic: This class is for those starting out in marriage or parents with young children. The hope is to grow in our faith in Christ Jesus, as well as build relationships within the church
Social Aspect: Monthly activities or get-togethers; dinner groups; guys or girls night out


Teacher: John Williams | Phone: 797-8912
Director: Steve Nelson | Phone: 275-8343
Age Range: 30-45
Avg. Class Size: 10 people
Room: B216
Emphasis: Prayer, Bible study
Characteristic: Care groups for those who serve elsewhere Sunday mornings
Social Aspect: Monthly get-togethers, huge variety of activities

Sunday 11:00 AM – Click to expand

50 and up

Teacher: Larry Stroup
Director: Charles Clark | Phone: 821-3426
Age Range: 50 and up
Avg. Class Size: 40 people
Room: B115
Emphasis: Lecture
Characteristic: Singles only. In Depth Bible study
Social Aspect: Social events, field trips, monthly praise and prayer group

Couples with mid-school - high school kids

Jim and Barb MulveyTeachers: Jim and Barb Mulvey
Director: N/A
Age Range: 30-50; Couples with at least one kid in mid-school or high school
Avg. Class Size: just beginning
Room: C232
Emphasis: Bible study, build stronger families
Social Aspect: Social aspect outside of group: New K-Group, just beginning. Designed to build stronger families beginning with mom and dad.

40 - 70 Ladies Only

Teacher: Gayle Cilvik | Phone: 294-0259
Director: Wanda Adlesberger | Phone: 828-0114
Deanna Talbot | Phone: 239-1385
Age Range: 40 – 70 Ladies
Avg. Class Size: 20 people
Room: B206
Emphasis: Lecture, prayer, in depth Bible study
Characteristic: Ladies only. Monthly socials, prayer support, in-depth Bible teaching
Social Aspect: Care groups, monthly socials, missions in S. Africa and Jordan, focus on Israel

55 and up

Teacher: Larry Voss
Director: NA
Age Range: 55 and up
Avg. Class Size: 35 people
Room: B100
Emphasis: Bible book studies in-depth verse by verse, prayer for individual members
Characteristic: Seniors who love the Lord and welcome all who attend with love & friendship, snack time lends an opportunity for member interaction
Social Aspect: Social activities, monthly small group lunch after CC once a month

Singles 25 and up

Teacher: Gregory Elder

Director: Matthew Voss

Age Range: 25 – 36

Avg. Class Size: 30 people
Room: B209
Emphasis: interesting discussion, prayer
Characteristic: Singles only. Never been married? Need to smile more?
Learn how to apply God’s Word to your world
Social Aspect: Social activities


Teacher: John Sandager | Phone: 821-5216
Director: Ken& Pat Shirley | Phone: 296-2437
Age Range: 30’s-75+
Avg. Class Size: 100+ people
Room: B208/210
Emphasis: Discussion, prayer, lecture
Characteristic: Study God’s word, especially Israel & the Jewish people, & how it all relates to us & the body of Christ today
Social Aspect: Have built three churches thru ICM; support two orphan children internationally; support mother with 4 children local. Have guest speakers from around the world (Israel, South Africa, etc. Have 8 Care Groups who meet regularly for fellowship, prayer and devotion

40 and up

Teacher: Kim Crissman | Phone: 275-0747
Director: Dan and Debbie McNeill
Age Range: 40 and up
Avg. Class Size: 35 people
Room: B212
Emphasis: Prayer, interactive learning, discipleship
Characteristic: Maturing in Christ and becoming a light to the world
Social Aspect: Care groups, class functions, missions


Teacher: Marty Fuentes
Director: Joe Crews | Phone: 828-1178
Age Range: 20-50
Avg. Class Size: 22 people
Room: B214
Emphasis: In-depth study, prayer
Characteristic: Application of Wayne’s sermon, good discussion, class participation
Social Aspect: Monthly Friday night fun


Teacher: Jim Smith
Director: Earl & Connie Box | Phone: 823-9089
Age Range: 35-60
Avg. Class Size: 40 people
Room: B202
Emphasis: Learning, fun
Characteristic: Giving spirit, teaching
Social Aspect: Monthly gathering outside of class


Teacher: Sam & Michelle Mouck| Phone: 857-0231
Director: Sam Mouck / Phone: 857-0231
Age Range: 30-75
Avg. Class Size: 18-20 people
Room: B118
Emphasis: Discussion, lecture
Characteristic: Friendships, caring for and praying for each other and class needs
Social Aspect: Monthly women and men’s socials, Christmas potluck, family summer Isotopes games


Gordon MastenTeacher: Gordon Masten
Director: Wayne & Debra Byrd | Phone: 856-1631
Age Range: 35-65
Avg. Class Size: 40 people
Room: B204
Emphasis: Discussion, prayer, teaching
Characteristic: Care groups pray, monthly socials, share an hour in the prayer room each week, adopt family during the holidays, sponsored family for equip. conference
Social Aspect: Friday night fun each month, small groups, get-togethers, special ministry projects

Mid 20’s and up

Class Facilitator: Wil Martin
Directors: Elaine Chemistruck and Karen Zondlo
Age Range: Mid 20’s and up
Avg. Class Size: 25 people
Room: B216
Emphasis: Prayer, relationships and giving the sermon practical application in our lives
Characteristic: Interactive discussion and practical application of the morning’s sermon
Social Aspect: Friday night fun about once a month and “Girlie Breakfasts” once a month for the women.



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