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Rolling up our sleeves:

Church’s Senior Pastor, Missions Pastor and Elders, along with the Missions Council, intentionally met over a period of several months in 2008, to seek the Lord’s direction in casting a new vision to plant viable, reproducing churches in and forgotten corners of the world.”

The Result: Our Vision Statement

WE SEE: A church filled with an urgency to reach a lost and dying world A church giving sacrificially to fulfill the Great Commission ALL of our ministries engaged in the fulfillment of our global vision. Every member with a heart that beats for a lost world… A church that builds and enables our own sons and daughters to be thrust into the mission field… Things happening in our missions vision that can only be explained by the fact that GOD DID THEM
OUR VISION: To align ourselves with God’s heart for the nations.

Call to Action:

Strategic Priorities:

Where We are Going: Hoffmantown Church Missions is focusing all our resources and intentionally limiting the breadth of our mission’s involvement by carefully selecting geographic regions and distinct people where God is taking us deeper.

How We Get There: We are mobilizing as many of the resources of Hoffmantown Church as possible to develop creative and meaningful communications and educational programs so the members of our church, from childhood to adulthood, are made aware of and are able to be meaningfully involved in the mission of the church.

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