Welcome to Single’s Ministry

Single’s purpose statement:

“To connect and engage Singles within the body -to grow closer to Jesus and have lives transformed for the glory of God.”

Single’s Council:

Chair: Katherine Balke

Single’s Events

Beloved Banquet | April 26th, 2018
In April we will put on a banquet for Widows and Widowers called the Beloved Banquet. Students come to serve and bless those who attend the banquet.

Single’s Life Groups

Friend’s Unlimited
Friend’s Unlimited is a group for single women to come together and fellowship with one another. They meet once a month for a pot-luck at 12:30 on Sunday. Contact afm@hoffmantown.org for more information.

Tuesday Afternoons
Tuesday Afternoons is a bi-weekly group for Widows and Widowers. We come together for a time of fellowship, worship, teaching, and fun. Tuesday Afternoons meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 1:30pm in B202. Contact afm@hoffmantown.org for more information.