Serve locally

Meals for the Moment

This strategic ministry has served so many of our families in a time of need! We all have experienced moments when a helping hand with food preparation would have been appreciated. Often when we see a need, our schedule does not allow us to step in to help. Meals for the Moment is a ministry of the women of Hoffmantown designed to serve the Body in a way that fits every schedule! Simply check out a pan and recipe from the Women’s Ministry kiosk. As you have time, prepare the recipe and return it to church frozen. As needs arise, we have meals ready to deliver! For more information, please contact Hoffmantown Church at 828-2600.

Serve globally

AMG Child Sponsorship

Jesus said to bring the little children to Him. He engaged and loved the littlest of His followers. Globally so many children suffer. With the current economic issues, many children have lost their sponsors. You can make an eternal difference in the life of a child with a few dollars each month. Visit the AMG Child Sponsorship opportunities at

Care Net

The CareNet Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque provides a safe place for women and their families to explore their options related to pregnancy and their future. They fulfill this mission by being a trusted faith-based provider of confidential, loving support and free services, including limited medical care. In addition to church financial support, the women of Hoffmantown also serve once a year (with their DGroups) in the Baby Shower in a Bag ministry, as well as other opportunities as they arise. If you would like more information about serving at CareNet, please contact the Missions Ministry at 858-8660. For more information about CareNet, please call 880-0882.

Operation Dorcas: Uganda

As women, we have much in common. In Luke 8:43-48, we see where Jesus tenderly engaged the woman with the issue of blood, reflecting He understands our needs as women. The #1 need cited by young Ugandan girls is feminine hygiene products. Without them, they cannot attend school and are subject to increased health issues. They simply cannot afford the $1/month cost of these products.

If you would like to become involved in the Operation Dorcas ministry, you can:

Contribute one time, or a few dollars each month through your offering (please specify “Special Missions: Dorcas” via check to Hoffmantown Church.)
Become a yearly Operation Dorcas Partner and support 5 girls by contributing $5/month or $60/year.

Operation Dorcas Education: Uganda
In addition to providing for Ugandan girls monthly personal hygiene needs, God has led us to expand this ministry by funding college scholarships. The women of Hoffmantown have sent 4 girls to college! It simply takes 12 women giving $100.00/year to send the girl to college! (please specify “Special Missions: Dorcas Education” via check to Hoffmantown Church.)

You can now donate to Dorcas Ministries through E-Giving online! Please specify “Special Missions: Dorcas” or “Special Missions: Dorcas Education” when making your donation to E-Giving at Hoffmantown eGiving.