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Lead Pastor

Full Time (Salary: TBD)
Locations: Albuquerque, NM


Under the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Hoffmantown Church is looking for the man that God has selected to serve our church as Lead Pastor.

  • Biblical Qualifications: First and foremost, must meet the New Testament requirements of Pastor/ Elder as detailed in Titus 1:5-9, I Timothy 3:1-7, I Peter 5:1-4, Ephesians 4:11,12, Mark 10:42-45.
  • Pastoral Experience:

The Lead Pastor:

    • must be called to be a Pastor;
    • has a proven track record as an effective Biblical expository teacher from the pulpit, preaching and teaching the inerrant Word of God with excellence;
    • must be a servant-leader with demonstrated people skills, who is relational in his approach to working with church staff and interacting with the church body, and has provided leadership in all aspects of ministerial activity; and
    • is experienced in leading a mid-sized to large-sized church.
  • Pastoral Qualities/Characteristics:

Specifically, the Lead Pastor:

    • must be surrendered to and humbly following Jesus;
    • expresses his love for the Body of Christ wholeheartedly;
    • demonstrates a balance of evangelism, worship, missions, discipleship, and stewardship;
    • is a steadfast guardian of the Bible, and places a high priority on the study of God’s Word and on having an active prayer life;
    • is dedicated to life-long learning and demonstrates a teachable spirit;
    • embraces experientially living grace (defined as the freedom to live as one should, not the freedom to live as one pleases);
    • places a high priority on God, family, church, and community (in that order);
    • embraces multi-generational corporate worship and advocates for blended worship with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs;
    • holds to a Biblical complementarian view regarding the service of men and women in the church and the roles they can fill; and
    • must be willing to work collaboratively with all aspects of the church.
  • Education: Master of Divinity or equivalent required. Doctor of Divinity or equivalent is a plus.
  • Responsibilities:

Hoffmantown is looking for a man who has a heart surrendered to Jesus Christ and for the body – shepherding, teaching, vision casting, supporting, coaching, empowering, team building, and, importantly, supporting other church leaders by helping them thrive in their spiritual gifting. In keeping with these overarching responsibilities, the Lead Pastor is not the church CEO.

In relation to the experience and qualities/characteristics detailed above, the Lead Pastor:

    • is responsible for preaching and teaching the Word of God;
    • joins with the Elder Council in the spiritual guidance of the church;
    • is a member of the Elder Council and the Church Council, fully supporting the church bylaws;
    • provides mentorship to ensure that Hoffmantown’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission are fulfilled:
      • Purpose – to know, love, and proclaim Christ,
      • Vision – aligned with Christ, defined by His love, and unified in His work,
      • Mission – loving Christ, loving others, and fulfilling His Great Commission;
    • is responsible for leading all aspects of the ministerial activities of the church;
    • advocates for church members serving the church and others in ministries and missions;
    • shepherds the Pastors, Staff, and Lay Leaders of Hoffmantown and helps ensure that the ministerial activities of the church are working in concert;
    • is the chief team builder and leadership developer to help all the leaders in the church thrive in their God-given roles and ministries;
    • is in agreement with the SBC Baptist Faith and Message of 2000; and
    • is fully supportive of the affiliation with, and participation in, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), in keeping with the historical belief and practice of Hoffmantown Church.

The Hoffmantown Church Pastoral Search Team is accepting applications for the position of Lead Pastor until close of business on 10/18/2019.

Applications shall consist of the following materials:

  • current resume,
  • cover letter explaining your interest in the position of Lead Pastor and why you feel God is calling you to Hoffmantown Church, and
  • a minimum of three professional and personal references.

Applications may be submitted by email to Applications may also be mailed to:

Pastoral Search Team
Hoffmantown Church
8888 Harper Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Hoffmantown has received several applications prior to this formal announcement for the position of Lead Pastor. The Pastoral Search Team respectfully requests that these be resubmitted with updated information, if applicable. Any prior application submissions that have not changed, please indicate this via an email to the Pastoral Search Team.

The Pastoral Search Team will also accept referrals of possible candidates from other pastors, seminaries, or SBC association leaders.Referrals must include the application materials outlined above.

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Contact Pastor Search Team

Applications may be submitted by email to

Applications may also be mailed to:

Pastoral Search Team
Hoffmantown Church
8888 Harper Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111