Disciple Care

Sometimes life just seems too hard - A prodigal, a broken family, alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality, pornography, adultery, abuse. If there are things in your life that just don’t seem to be working, you feel like you are in a fog about your life, or perhaps you feel that you are ineffective and unproductive in God’s kingdom and you long for more – please contact us. We are training people to help you and encourage you, to teach and train you, and to pray and to guide you from the Word of God.

Marriage Care

We understand that marriage is tough! We also believe that God uses the marriage relationship to sanctify us and mature us in Him.

We see Christian marriages are under constant attack. Our flesh, the world, and the devil are foes that are defeated and yet at times seem bigger than God Himself. God does not want us to walk alone. He has brought us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us to empower us to obey Him, He has given us the Word of God to be a lamp unto our feet, and the people of God to help us carry our burdens.

If you see your marriage going in a direction that is away from God, or if it has disintegrated to a place where you just want out, please contact us at equip@hoffmantown.org or 858-8624. We are training people to help you and encourage you, to teach and train you, and to pray and to guide you from the Word of God.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study - 9:30-11:30am

Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande & Kevin Johnson | JoAnn Polk and Della Bassman | Disciple Care Ministry | March 19th - May 7th | 9:30am-11:30am | B204

Our God calls us to a ministry of reconciliation, peace, and unity. If you are a human, you cannot escape conflict- it’s everywhere! But is conflict really a bad thing when God uses it to mature us into Christ’s image? When we handle our conflicts in a godly way, our relationships are strengthened, unity abounds, and we demonstrate Christ’s reconciling.

Thursday Evening Home Group - 7:00pm -8:30pm

Maximum Marriage by: Tommy Nelson | Steve & Harriet Byrd | January 10 - March 28

During his 11-week video series, we will find that the Bible teaches that healthy marriages and families are based on the nature and character of God. The Bible charges man with exercising a loving and sacrificial leadership of his wife. Tommy Nelson will set forth these principles of biblical headship and explains what they look like in everyday terms. He then describes the qualities of The Fairer Sex and how a woman can find fulfillment and divine approval in her respectful submission to her husband and service to her family. We also see that God has spoken with almost embarrassing clarity on the subject of the sexual relationship in marriage. In Sanctified Sexuality, Tommy presents practical counsel to married couples on how to have a fulfilling sexual relationship in marriage. And for Singles, in The Art of Singlehood, we see that the plans for a healthy marriage and future family are laid down while we are single. We also find helpful guidance on those particularly difficult areas of conflict resolution (The Rules of Engagement), how to have healthy relationships with in-Laws (The Ins and Outs of In-Laws) and money management (Mates and Money). This series will prove to be a great resource for personal or group study on marriage and the family. For more information or to register please call 858-8624 or Harriet Byrd at (505)263-7844.

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