Balloon Fiesta Outreach


Balloon Fiesta Outreach

Join us October 7-8 and October 12-15 for a new and exciting outreach to our Balloon Fiesta Park and Ride guests, one that will not require a 2:00 am call time! Hooray for that!  We will be placing information cards on car windshields with church info and invitations to our upcoming events. All ages are welcomed and encouraged to join in! Sign-up using the form below. We will begin placing the cards around Mass Ascension time around 7:00 am. Any questions contact Adrienne.


As many times as you'd like.
If you are volunteering as a family or group, please indicate who the other volunteers are in your party.

Event Details

Date and Time

10/07/2023 7:15am
10/8/2023 & 10/12/2023, 10/13/2023, 10/14/2023, 10/15/2023


Hoffmantown Parking Lots

More Information

Contact Adrienne Mouck at