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Men’s Retreat


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Event Details

  • Date and Time

    11/01/2019 5:00pm -

  • Location

    Three Trails Ranch, Durango CO.
  • Tickets / Registration

    Registration CLOSED
  • More Information

    Contact us at | 505-858-8624

Event Description

Registration CLOSED

Men’s Retreat: Epic Masculinity | November 1-3, 2019 in Durango, Colorado.
Come join other Christian men from the Southwest for a weekend in the mountains near Durango. Forget “Toxic Masculinity” and embrace Epic Masculinity- this is what God designed us for.

Men of Hoffmantown, we are blessed with having a Men’s Retreat in Durango, Colorado on November 1st -3rd, please set this upcoming date aside. We pray that this will be a multigenerational event so please bring your sons, son-in-laws, brothers, and grandsons with you to this event. The retreat is being hosted by Master Plan Ministries. We will be joining two other Men’s Ministries from two other New Mexico churches. This is a great time to fellowship, be encouraged, and grow together.

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