Faith Over Fear

Hoffmantown Church Family,
I hope you are receiving the increasing volume of communications from the shepherding teams here at Hoffmantown Church. As the COVID-19 virus has continued to be the focus of the news cycle, we want to remind everyone that God has encouraged His people throughout the ages to “Be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9; Ephesians 6: 10-12). He doesn’t just tell His people to move forward acting as though nothing is different about their lives from the day before. He tells US through his Word to move forward in Faith not Fear, because He has prepared the way, and He gives us His tools and weapons to fight fear with faith!

Some of you may be feeling like Joshua as he looked at the massive walls of Jericho, knowing Israel needed to conquer this fortress city to move into the Promised Land. This city looked to be unconquerable. It sat in a location easily defended by the current residents. Their army was experienced at war, while the nation of Israel had been wandering the desert for 40 years. They were not trained for war. But God told Joshua “Be strong and courageous”. God walked with His people every day. God was the one who would bring victory to His people, in ways and methods they could never imagine! As we face the “walls” of Corona-virus, and the unknowns of home-quarantines, school closures, and restrictions on our daily activities we can turn to His word for encouragement. He gives us the tools to conquer the most formidable enemies. He is the one who conquers the enemy. Faith can overcome FEAR!

As we move forward in our daily lives, the staff here at Hoffmantown Church are here to point you to His resources, and help lead this Body in our never-ending mission to be His light in our communities—Jerusalem, Judea and the Uttermost. Our mission has not changed due to COVID-19. We are simply adjusting our methods to continue to serve Him. On a very practical level, the REACH 2020 emphasis Pastor David rolled out a few weeks ago is more relevant now than ever. We have GREAT opportunities to show Christ to others through this “crisis”.

Today, I want you to know the church resources we have for you:
• Our staff is still at work
• We are still processing benevolence requests and helping with immediate food pantry requests
• We are ready to pray and counsel with those who need support
• Your Pastor-On-Call can still be reached at 505-828-2600

As we move forward, we are working to quickly develop more on-line resources to help our Bible studies, Life Groups, Sunday School classes, and other ministries continue to be fed and refreshed by His Word and grow together in Fellowship. As these resources are developed, I encourage each of you to reach out to your regular fellowship groups. If you are a Sunday School class member, call the others in your class and see if they need anything. If you are a leader of one of our groups, call your members and let them know our Body is ready to help in any ways possible. Don’t wait for someone else to reach out. We can all be the hands and feet of Jesus to our fellowship circles.

If you discover someone with needs beyond your capabilities to assist, call the pastors. Let us help coordinate our deacon teams and the squads of volunteers who have offered their services. We already have people who have volunteered to go grocery shopping for those who cannot. We are working with our hospital and home-bound visitation leaders to find new and safe ways to help EVERY PERSON in our Body who needs us. As we develop those plans and processes, we will contact you immediately! We are also setting up a new volunteer line. If you are healthy, and able to serve those who may be shut in, please let us know if you want to help. Until we get the link up on our website, simply call the church and talk to our pastoral staff. We’ll get your information and help you be ready to serve now.

As Sam Mouck noted in his Compass Plus article this week, giving and tithing have continued. THANK YOU for your faithfulness. The safest way to give will be through our on-line giving links at . You can still drop off your gifts during normal business hours at the reception desk. As the Coronavirus event continues, the financial needs of the church continue as well. Please pray about the on-going needs of Hoffmantown Church, and the new needs we may see as a result of the virus.

God is showing us new opportunities to serve each day. Reaching out to others can be a healthy way each of us can not only “weather this storm”, but also grow. We can grow in our knowledge of His Word. We can grow in our own abilities to be a light to our neighbors and community. Maybe you feel all you can do is pray…..I exhort you then to PRAY! Pray that we will be a people of FAITH!

We can grow in our FAITH that He is truly in control.

We can let FAITH overcome FEAR.

In His Grip
Pastor Tim