Fall Festival

Volunteer Opportunities


Candy Donations

We need help packing candy bags! There will be two sessions to assist with this: Friday, October 23rd 6:00-8:00pm and Saturday, October 24th 9:00-11:00am. If you would like to come help, please do so. We will meet in the Fellowship Mall. Our goal is to pack all 1,400 candy bags between these two sessions, so we need lots of help! The last day to donate candy is Thursday, October 22nd. Candy can be placed in the orange bins near the church entrances. If you have any questions about Fall Festival, please contact us at kidsmin@hoffmantown.org.

Volunteer Positions

Traffic Controller Team

10 needed
Help guide cars through the route including stopping at candy and book distribution.
-Arrive by 3:00pm and stay for the duration of the event.
-Have experience with guiding traffic safely.
-18 years or older

Greeter Team

5 needed
Speak with each family as they enter to provide instructions and registration materials if not pre-registered.
-Arrive by 3:00pm and stay for the duration of the event.
-Be able to stand in one place the whole time.

Candy/Gift Distributor Team

10 needed
Give each car a pre-packed bag of candy (or toys for families with food allergies) for each child in the vehicle.
-Arrive by 3:00pm and stay for the duration of the event.
-Be willing to wear gloves and talk with families as they wait their turn.
-Must be able to stand and walk around for the whole time.

Display Team

15 teams of 2 or more needed
Create a stationary “parade float” style display for the kids to enjoy
Display Requirements:
-The display must by 6 feet high and 30 feet in length.
-There is a list of themes to choose from. If you would like to make up your own, it must be approved by the Kids Ministry Staff.
-All display themes should be selected or submitted for approval by October 20th 5:00pm.
-You must provide all materials for your display. Butcher paper is available in the Resource Room by appointment.
-Your display cannot touch or throw things at vehicles.
-Electricity is only available by pre-approval of the kid’s staff.
-Each display must have humans in it. The people can dress up and wave to the kids or act (without sound) in the display.
People Requirements:
-A team of at least 2 people
-Set up your display between 10:00am and 3:00pm on October 31. Each display must by complete by 3:00pm.

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