Sunday Morning K-Groups

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, that ye may be strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inward man” Ephesians 3:16 ASV

This is the aim of our Sunday morning Koinonia Groups. A Koinonia Group is a way for each person at Hoffmantown to be strengthened through the teaching of the Word of God as well as to fellowship with other like minded believers. It gives us the opportunity to invest in each others lives. Our Purpose is to cultivate a healthy Biblical Community where Jesus is known and lives are being transformed for the Glory of God.

Sundays at 8:15am

Room B100
Teacher: Rob Mahon
Director: Frank Thompson

Room B104
Teacher: Jerry Cantwell
Director: Kyle Williams

Room B202
Teacher: Bill McCulloch
Director: Lee Black

Room B208
Teacher: Merv Jersak
Directors: Jim and Tara Dearholt
Gary and Connie Yule

Sundays at 11:00am

Room B202
Teacher: Jim Smith
Directors: Glenn & Grace Butler

Room B204
Teacher: Gordon Masten
Directors: Wayne and Debra Byrd

Room B206
Teacher: Gayle Cilvik & Cheryl Glauner
Director: Deanna Talbot, Jan Seligman, Joann McKenna

Room B208/210
Teacher: John Sandager
Director: Kathy Dodson

Room B209/221
Teacher: Rob Mahon
Director: Peter Strascina

Room B212
Teacher: Kim Crissman
Director: Dan McNeill

Room B214
Teacher: Marty Fuentes
Director: Jeffrey Martin

Room B216
Teacher: Will Martin
Co-Teachers: Tom Caudill, Dan Dilts and John Rupley

Room B100
Teacher: Larry Voss

Room B104
Teacher: Marie Cain & Sharon Samuelson
Director: Mary Louis Hulsman

Apprentice Teacher: Ken Macdonald
Director: Joe Crews

Room B112
Teacher: Nancy Williams
Director: Susan Franse

Room B113
Fresh Encounters- Young Marrieds with Children
Teacher: TBD
Director: Skyler Wildenstein

Room B114
Teacher: Chris Messina
Director: Troy Wallis

Room B115
Teacher: Larry Stroup
Director: Becky Johnson

Room B118
Teacher: Sam Mouck

For K-Group information, please contact us at