Operations Update

Dear Hoffmantown Body,

I am writing you today with an update on some of the financial actions the church has taken in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. First and foremost, let me thank you for your continued faithfulness in giving of your tithes and offerings. Many of you have taken advantage of the on-line giving option through the website or sent your checks through the mail or even dropped them off at the reception desk. Thank you.

Let me say a word first about actions we have taken on behalf of the staff. Many people across our country have found themselves laid off and had the income at their small business dry up as the government restrictions have escalated. Many within our body have no doubt felt the pinch as well. When public schools were closed across the state, we, too, closed Kids’ Express. Those children have been at home since the 16th of March. Church leadership made the decision at that time to keep paying our teachers so they can continue to provide for their families. As the multitude of daily activities at the church were cancelled and postponed more of our staff such as childcare workers, setup crews, etc. were asked to stay home, but we have continued to provide their pay.

When the more recent directives came to encourage people across our state to remain at home as much as possible we also have directed as many of the remaining staff that can to stay at home. Many staff members have been set up with software to enable them to do some work remotely, but the nature of some jobs does not lend itself to remote work – all of these staffers, whether working remotely, working reduced hours at the church, or purely sheltering at home with their families are still being paid by the church. We felt strongly that we needed to help our staff family continue to meet their financial obligations at home if we could afford to do so.

Let me turn now to what we are doing on the spending side. We have taken many actions to reduce or eliminate spending during this time. Many parts of Buildings B, C, D, E and the Portables are operating with reduced heating or even have had the breakers turned off to their heating/cooling units. In the kitchen we have shut down one of the walk-in coolers, turned off the pilot lights on the stoves and ovens and turned down the water heater setpoints. Linen service, bottled water service, pest control service and others have been suspended or greatly curtailed. The exhaust fans of many of the restrooms that normally operate 24×7 have been turned off.

We have been working on an energy saving program for the past year which includes things like changing light fixtures to LED, adding motion sensors to restrooms, the copy center, etc., and to reprogram many of the large fans and air handlers to operate more efficiently. We had a supply of LED conversion kits that we are continuing to install last week and this. And, of course, you all recall the big capital drive to purchase the new chiller last year. It operates much more efficiently than the previous one.

Another large expense for the church is the water bill. Our irrigation system is extensive, aging and in constant need of repairs – we have taken much of this repair work in-house to reduce cost. In the coming weeks and months, you will likely see us converting some of our grass to xeriscaping. We won’t touch most of our wonderful trees and lawns used by so many, but we will work to reduce the size of grass areas that are difficult to water or maintain.

Lastly let me say a word about giving. The church staff continues to work in many creative ways to reach out to the body and minister to those in need. Your prayerful and continued gifts enable this to continue. For those of you who have given on-line, please continue to do so. If you’ve never tried that or have hesitation about conducting commerce through the electronic realm, we still receive many checks and offering envelopes in the US Mail each week.

Making a contribution online takes 3 easy steps. Visit our webpage at https://www.hoffmantownchurch.org/give/. Click on the “Give Online” button. If you have a login already, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Click Here to Login”. This will pre-fill your information and you won’t have to enter it each time. If you don’t have a login, you are still able to fill in all of the boxes and make your contribution. Once you are finished entering your information, type in your method of payment and click on “Next”. After entering your card or bank account information (this requires a “nickname” like home checking, or Bob’s Visa etc.), click on “Finish”. The next screen will say “Confirmed” and give you a confirmation number. This is how you will know that your contribution has been processed. If you need assistance, or would like to create a login to access online giving on a regular basis, please call the church at (505) 828-2600 during regular business hours and the receptionist will connect you to a staff member that can help you.

It is a great honor to serve you the body of Hoffmantown Church. God is doing great things and has great things planned for our future as a body as we journey through, and are tested by, this current trial.

Blessed to be Serving you,

Sam Mouck

Director of Operations

Hoffmantown Church Operations