The Transition team has been established as a temporary body for the purposes of discovering issues within the church and providing recommendations to the Council of Elders.

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2018 Financial Audit Recap

The Finance Council and Elders met with the Auditor on Thursday, December 6th, to review the final Audit Report.  The primary result is contained in the Opinion statement provided by the Auditor.

The Opinion statement reads:
In our (the Auditors) opinion, the financial statements referred to above (in the report) present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Hoffmantown Church as of June 30, 2018, and the changes in the net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.” (GAAP)

This means that there were no findings of financial impropriety.

In addition, the Auditors included the following two statements in the Audit report.
We (the Auditors) wanted to note that the Church’s internal controls were excellent.  They have worked to have a lot of processes in place to catch potential errors.  The record keeping is thorough and organized.
We (the Auditors) did not identify any deficiencies in internal controls that we consider to be material weaknesses.

This Audit report gives us the assurance that financial matters are properly handled and that record keeping is accurate and complete. Click the link below to see a PDF of the scope of the audit.

Thank you to our Finance Team for all of their hard work!

Compass – 12/16/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (December 14, 2018) This Sunday, one of Hoffmantown’s own, Justin Pearson, will be speaking to the congregation. Justin has been a long-time member, he’s worked on staff, and is currently serving the Lord on the Mission field in Portugal. Please come and hear how God is using one of our…

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Compass – 12/09/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (December 7, 2018) This Sunday, Pastor Joe Long’s message will be on “The Problem of Loneliness” –Matthew 27:46. Stacie Macdonald was asked, and after prayerful consideration, has joined the Ministerial Sub Team. Mitchell Jackson was also asked and has joined the Governance Sub Team. Both church members will bring a…

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Compass – 12/2/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (November 30, 2018) This Sunday, Pastor Joe Long’s message will be Dealing with Discouragement – Nehemiah 4:6-14. An Encouraging Word: John 13:34-35: A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all…

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Transition Team

Kirby Jefferson (Chair), Deborah A., Wayne Byrd, Kim Crissman, Emray Goossen, Nate Hebst, Bradley Jared, Doug Lawson, Wilbur Martin, Bill McCullough, Jim Smith, Fran Stribling, Susie Taylor, Ben Wyne.

*The Pastors have been attending all meetings.

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The Tteam has been established as a temporary body for the purposes of discovering issues within the church and providing recommendations to the Council of Elders.


The Tteam will receive inputs from the congregation and provide responses to the individuals; confirming receipt of the inputs and providing responses as information is available at that time. The Tteam will bring issues and recommendations received from the body forward for discussion, actions, and follow-up. All Tteam members have the responsibility to raise concerns regarding church spiritual and organizational issues as well as Tteam responses, and behaviors.
The Tteam will walk alongside those committees already established; deacons, maintenance and renovation, women’s ministry, children and youth ministry, etc. to listen and support their ministry.
The Tteam will determine areas within Hoffmantown where concerns over its health need further assessment and form sub-teams to address areas that need significant study and work.


The Tteam is under the authority of the Elder Council according to the oversight guidance provided in scripture and in the Bylaws of Hoffmantown.


The Tteam is delegated the authority to perform tasks as identified in the responsibility section of this document. Final decision authority resides with Elder Council. The Tteam has the authority to form and delegate specific tasks to sub-teams. The sub-teams operate under the authority of the Tteam as delegated by the elders.

Sub Teams

Purpose Vision Mission:

Define the Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy, of Hoffmantown church and how these drive the Structure. Identify what should be and what could be according to the scriptures. Develop a vision casting and a remembrance approach for all body ownership and engagement. Make them plain so that all who read may run (Hab 2:2).
The product of this team significantly drives governance, ministerial and other team directions so the initial vision casting and buy-in is crucial to and by all teams.

Members: Nate Herbst (Chair), Wayne Byrd, Jared Colombel, Emray Goosen, Brittany Wildenstein

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Evaluate and recommend church governance modifications (the elder structure will remain in place). Review the current Bylaws for weaknesses and make recommendations for improvements.

Members: Dan Rupp (Chair), Maryann Bassett, Cynthia Becenti, Steve Byrd, Rick Craft, Kirby Jefferson, Doug Lawson, Wilbur Martin, Bill McCullough

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With a focus on scriptural foundations and individual discipleship, work with the various ministries including pastors, staff, and currently operating councils, to help strengthen them. By listening to those who work in these areas identify, prioritize, and recommend opportunities for improvement.

Members: David Hopkins (Chair), Chris Branan, Kim Crissman, Gregory Elder, Tim Hale, Jared Bradley, John Rupley, Susie Taylor

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Already functioning this team will continue to evaluate the state of the property, obtain estimates of work to be completed, and develop a schedule of recommended dates of work to be accomplished.

Members: Sam Mouck (Chair), Kathy Dodson, Colby Geer, Wayne Hofeldt, Dave Jarvis, Will Martin, Sara McBee, John Rupley, Mike Rymarz, Jim Smith, Laurie Wallis

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This team will review the mechanisms in place for internal and external communication and make recommendations for improvement. This includes an evaluation of what, when, where, and how communication is to be handled.

Members: Drew Hoey (Chair), Chris Branan, Mike Donahoe, Fran Stribling, Michael Taylor, Elizabeth Domzalski, Johnny Brannon, Katherine Balke, Tara Chavez

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Pastoral search committee:

When the time is right, after the Purpose Vision Mission, Governance, and Ministerial teams have completed their work this team can be launched into full search mode. Formation can begin earlier for exploratory purposes but the outputs of the sub-teams are necessary for any prospective pastor to understand the path set forward for Hoffmantown.