Next Steps Class


Next Steps Class

Hoffmantown’s Next Steps Class serves the dual purpose of providing Hoffmantown’s doctrine and philosophy of ministry to all who are interested, as well as being a membership pre-requisite. The class starts at 10:30 am, after service, and ends with a time of fellowship. Lunch is provided.

This one-session course is offered quarterly and takes you on a journey through the foundational beliefs and practices included in Hoffmantown’s membership covenant. Topics covered are:

  • The Gospel (Doctrine)
  • Lord’s Supper & Baptism
  • Philosophy & Purpose of Ministry
  • Leadership & Membership
  • Biblical Community
  • Next Steps
  • Ministry & Staff


If you would like to know more about Hoffmantown Church or desire to become a member, you’ll want to attend our next Next Steps Class. The curriculum will cover the history, doctrine, philosophy of ministry and membership process of Hoffmantown. Lunch will be provided, with many of the pastors, staff and elders in attendance.

Please contact us at 858-8624 or for more information or to register.


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Event Details

Date and Time

04/24/2022 10:30am - 1:30pm



Tickets / Registration

Registration Deadline is April 18

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