Kids Express Preschool

Kids Express is a weekday preschool ministry of Hoffmantown Church that is licensed by the State of New Mexico to provide early childhood education for two, three, four, and five year old children.

School Hours

Monday - Thursday | 9:00am – 1:00pm

Open Registration
Begins March 7, 2022

All aboard Kids Express! Our school year will be filled with thrilling learning experiences and there are sure to be growing opportunities around each bend!


About Kids Express

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality care in a positive, Christian atmosphere which will promote the spiritual, cognitive, and socio-emotional growth of children through the participation in educationally sound learning activities.

Faith and Education

God loves all of His children and we are committed to providing them with a strong faith foundation as well as a strong education foundation.

What We Do All Day

The school day is filled with stimulating and exciting learning opportunities for each student. Children learn best when they are having fun and here at Kids Express, our kids learn a lot! Each day our teachers employ a curriculum-based lesson plan that teaches the children the tools that they need to enter Kindergarten successfully.

Below, there are a few examples of a daily schedule. As you can see, your child has structured and unstructured time in the classroom. Your child will have an opportunity to sit down, follow instructions, complete a project, and learn how to function in a classroom. Your child will also have an opportunity to learn through exploration, experimentation, and socialization.

Sample Two’s or Three’s Schedule

  • 9:00 Welcome/Playtime
  • 9:15 Circle Time
  • 9:35 Snack
  • 10:00 Outside Play
  • 10:30 Art Project Time
  • 11:30 Centers
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:45 Show and Tell
  • 1:00 Dismissal

Sample Pre-K Schedule

  • 9:00 Welcome/Playtime
  • 9:15 Circle Time
  • 9:45 Snack
  • 10:00 Phonics
  • 10:25 Handwriting
  • 10:45 Outside Play
  • 11:05 Numbers
  • 11:30 Centers/Project Time
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:30 Activity Time/Show and Tell
  • 1:00 Dismissal

Curriculum Goals: Two and Three Year Olds

We want the children to learn how to:

Socio-Emotional Development

  1. Interact and cooperate with others within a structured learning environment.
  2. Learn through exploration at learning centers.
  3. Develop basic classroom skills such as taking turns, following directions, and expressing one’s needs verbally.

Physical Development

  1. Develop fine motor skills through play with crayons, play dough, and other manipulatives.
  2. Develop gross motor skills through outdoor play by climbing, running, and pulling as well as playing with balls, hula hoops, the parachute, and small group games.

Basic Skills

  1. Recognize name in manuscript
  2. Recognize eight basic colors
  3. Identify numbers 1-10
  4. Identify basic shapes
  5. Recognize the letters of the alphabet

God Growth

  1. Know that God made me
  2. Know that God loves me
  3. Know that Jesus wants to be my friend forever
  4. Sing and wiggle for God during Worship Time
  5. Listen to stories from the Bible
  6. Participate in Kids Express events

Curriculum Goals: Pre-K

We want the children to learn:

Speech and Language

  1. Listen to instructions
  2. Speak clearly and in full sentences
  3. Express ideas and stories in sequence
  4. Develop sequencing skills and rhyming skills
  5. Participate in discussions


  1. Recognize upper and lower case letters of the alphabet
  2. Identify the sounds of each letter
  3. Begin to blend the sounds of each letter
  4. Copy letters and words onto paper
  5. Recognize and print own name
  6. Listen to and enjoy stories, books and poems
  7. Recognize days of the week and months of the year
  8. Identify matching and opposites


  1. Recognize numbers 1-20
  2. Begin learning own address and phone number
  3. Use simple measurement
  4. Relate groups of objects to the number represented
  5. Count to 100
  6. Count by 10's to 100


  1. Describe the weather
  2. Participate in simple science experiments
  3. Recognize animals and plants
  4. Participate in simple cooking activities
  5. Categorize objects


  1. Paint
  2. Cut
  3. Glue
  4. Tape
  5. Draw
  6. Use crayons
  7. Use markers
  8. Use unfamiliar art materials
  9. Participate in various art projects
  10. Recognize colors and shapes


  1. Interact and cooperate with others in a structured learning environment
  2. Participate in group activities
  3. Work individually
  4. Complete tasks
  5. Follow instructions
  6. Respect others
  7. Respect the classroom and the things in it
  8. Develop the ability to recognize other’s feelings


  1. Work and play actively
  2. Skip and hop on one foot
  3. Begin to tie own shoe
  4. Hold scissors and pencils correctly
  5. Practice good hygiene such as washing hands

God Growth

  1. Know that God made me
  2. Know that God loves me
  3. Know that Jesus wants to be my friend forever
  4. Sing and wiggle for God during Worship Time
  5. Listen to stories from the Bible
  6. Participate in Kids Express events
  7. Memorize verses from the Bible

Pre-K Curriculum

All Pre-K classrooms implement the Horizons curriculum. The Christian-based, Horizons program provides the students with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for Kindergarten.

Summer Express

Summer Express is a fun way to continue learning about God’s amazing world throughout the summer! It’s also a great way to gear up for school next year! Come join us as we learn and play!

June Session: June 13-29, 2022

July Session: July 11-27, 2022

  • 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays
  • Tuition: $250.00

Age Groups

  • Going into Three’s
  • Going into Pre-K
  • Going into Kindergarten


Placement in the program is first-come, first-serve.

Registration packets must be complete or they will not be processed.

Children are placed in the program strictly according to their birth date.

Summer Registration

FAQ’s about Summer Express

How is Summer Express different from the regular school year?
Summer Express has more of a “summer camp” feel and offers the structure of the school year with the fun of summer time. The children have an opportunity to maintain essential skills throughout the summer while playing more games and having tons of fun!

Can I register my daughter for Summer Express if she is going into Kindergarten next year and has never attended Kids Express before?
Yes! Summer Express will be an awesome chance to gear up for Kindergarten!

Can I register my son for Summer Express if he just turned 2 years old?
Your child must turn 2 years old before September 1st of the previous school year in order to enroll in Summer Express. That means that your child must be old enough to have attended Kids Express already. You can, however, register him for the upcoming school year!

How do I get more information about the program?
Simply go to the “Contact Kids Express” link and then ask your questions! We are happy to help!

2021- 2022 School Calendar

  • President’s Day – NO SCHOOL, February 21st
  • Spring Break – NO SCHOOL, March 21st – 25th
  • Easter Break – April 18th
  • Last Day of School – May 18th
  • Pre-K Graduation Night – May 19th

2022- 2023 School Calendar

  • Meet the Teacher – August 9th & 10th (9:00am – 12:00pm)
  • First Day of School – August 15th
  • Labor Day – NO SCHOOL, September 5th
  • Fall Break – NO SCHOOL, October 6th
  • Indigenous People’s Day – NO SCHOOL, October 10th
  • Election Day – NO SCHOOL, November 8th
  • Veterans Day – NO SCHOOL, November 11th
  • Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL, November 21st – 25th
  • Christmas Break – NO SCHOOL, December 21st – January 8th
  • First Day Back – January 9th
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL, January 16th
  • President’s Day – NO SCHOOL, February 20th
  • Spring Break – NO SCHOOL, March 20th – 24th
  • Easter Break – April 10th
  • Last Day of School – May 17th
  • Pre-K Graduation Night – May 18th


Two year olds:
Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

Three year olds:
Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Classroom Ratios
Two year old classrooms: 10:2
Three year old classrooms: 12:2
Pre-K classrooms: 14:2


2- day program is $236 per month. Pay in full 5% discount = $2,017.80

3- day program is $336 per month. Pay in full 5% discount =$2,872.80

4-day program is $420 per month. Pay in full 5% discount = $3,591.00

Discount for Younger Siblings

2-day program is $212 per month. Pay in full 5% discount = $1,812.60

3-day program is $297 per month. Pay in full 5% discount = $2,539.35

4-day program is $379 per month. Pay in full 5% discount = $3,240.45

Registration Fee
Two and three year olds: $100.00
Four and five year olds: $125.00

Contact Kids Express

Do you have any questions? Would you like to schedule a tour? Send us an email and we would be happy to help!

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