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For nearly 70 years Hoffmantown Church has been used by God to teach and preach the Good News of God’s grace. Here is a brief look at our place in His-Story.

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1950s: Chapel to Church

Hoffmantown was established in January of 1953 as a mission church of First Baptist Church Albuquerque. Earl R. Keating was called to lead as the first pastor of Hoffmantown Mission Chapel. Approximately 300 attended the first service. One year later, Hoffmantown became a self-sustaining church, changing its name to Hoffmantown Baptist Church on its 1st anniversary.

1960s: Continued Growth

Pastor Keating retired in 1965. That same year, Hoffmantown built a new auditorium which still stands on Wyoming, near Menaul. Dr. Kenneth Balthrop was called to be the second pastor leading Hoffmantown. Dr. Balthrop continued to lead the church through years of growth and change.

1970s: Ministry Expands

This decade is marked by God’s leading to reach out to the community, state, nation and world through various ministries. Dr. Balthrop served as pastor until 1972. Hoffmantown’s third pastor Dr. James Bryant was called to lead. During his tenure, solid biblical teaching was used by God to spiritually deepen the church. Dr. Bryant concluded his pastorate in 1976. Pastor Norm Boshoff was called to Hoffmantown the following year.

1980s: Relocation

Under the leadership of Pastor Boshoff, Hoffmantown continued to grow spiritually and in membership. In 1981, funds were initiated for a relocation project, eventually moving the church to its present location at Ventura and Harper. Ground breaking took place in April of 1986 and the first worship service in the new building took place on September 20, 1987.

1990s: Focus on Outreach

Pastor Boshoff retired in 1990. In 1991 Dr. Charles Lowery became the fifth man to lead Hoffmantown. Due to continued growth in membership, in 1995 groundbreaking began on the current kids building. In 1999, Hoffmantown founded Hoffmantown West, a church plant on Albuquerque’s growing westside. Todd Cook became the pastor and still leads Sagebrush Community Church, as it is known today.

2000s: A New Direction

Pastor Lowery resigned in July of 2001. In March of 2002, Dr. Wayne A Barber became Hoffmantown’s sixth pastor. His passion for God’s word and expository preaching played a key role in the church’s transition to Elder leadership and the commitment of being an equipping church. Under Pastor Barber’s leadership, God led the church to embrace the concept of Living Grace and to define the 7 Pillars of Ministry, both of which still shape the church’s approach of ministry used today. The church also renewed its commitment to missions at home and abroad.

2010s: The Road Forward

The Mission Field and amphitheater were completed in 2010. It is used not only by the church but for the community as well. Pastor Barber resigned in January 2011. In October 2011 Pastor Erik Christensen was affirmed as the seventh pastor. Pastor Christensen’s expository teaching/preaching encouraged the church to go deeper into God’s word as we surrender to God’s leading. Pastor Christensen served until June of 2018. While without a senior pastor, the church sought leadership from God and developed new statements of purpose, vision, and mission; implemented a different structure of church governance; and adopted new By-Laws to guide our ministry in the coming years.

2020s: To God Be The Glory

In 2020, after more than two years without a senior pastor, God powerfully and independently led the church to extend and Pastor Lamar Morin to accept the call to become Hoffmantown’s eighth Senior Pastor. We praise the Lord for His work among us in the past and eagerly anticipate His bringing glory to Himself among and through us as we, Pastor and church, commit ourselves to spreading the good news of the gospel and “making disciples of all nations.” Come join us as we wait upon the Lord and continue to serve Him.

Hoffmantown Church and the Southern Baptist Convention

Hoffmantown voluntarily chooses to continue its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Since its inception in 1845, the SBC has grown to over 16 million members who worship in more than 42,000 churches in the United States. The term “Southern Baptist Convention” refers to both the denomination and its annual meeting. Hoffmantown sends messengers to the annual convention to vote the doctrinal, ethical, and procedural positions of the members. By this affiliation, Hoffmantown assumes the responsibility of supporting only doctrinally, morally, and ethically sound ministries both within and outside the convention (2 John 10-11).
A noteworthy distinction of SBC churches is their autonomy. While a cooperative spirit marks the SBC, each church chooses its own leadership and level of involvement in the convention. The foundational doctrines that unify SBC churches can be found in the Baptist Faith and Message, most recently revised in 2000. Hoffmantown partners with both the Central Baptist Association and The Baptist Convention of New Mexico, which serve as resources for SBC churches in our city and state, respectively. Various state conventions coordinate to form the Southern Baptist Convention.

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