The Dream Team

09/13/2020 | Lamar Morin

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Sermon by Lamar Morin (In View of a Call) – The Dream Team

Today’s Songs: This Is Amazing Grace, O Praise The Name (Anástasis), I Got Saved

Sermon Notes:

The Dream Team

Nehemiah 2:17 – 3:32

What is the context?

The books of Ezra & Nehemiah:
The Big Idea:

In the work of God, the greatest accomplishments come from a unity of purpose when people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities join together under a compelling vision.

Shared Vision (2:17-20)

Shared vision has context.
Shared vision has commonality.
Shared vision brings the work into focus.
Shared vision requires a dream team.
Dedicated Leaders (3:1ff)

A leader must not mind if the credit goes to others.
A leader must motivate people.
A leader must plan, organize and delegate.
A leader must oversee.
A leader must give proper recognition.
Willing Workers (3:1ff)

The workers were willing to cooperate and coordinate.
The workers were willing to complement each other for the overall cause.
Some workers were willing to work outside of their areas of strength.
Some workers were willing to do the less glamorous or desirable jobs.

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