Music Ministry

The Hoffmantown Music Ministry exists to create the best possible environment for people to have a life-transforming encounter with God and also lead, encourage, and equip artists to create that environment as they KNOW, LOVE, AND PROCLAIM HIM.

Join the Choir or Orchestra

For those interested in or called to serve as lead worshipers to and for the Lord, Wednesdays at 6:30pm, Worship, Choir and Orchestra meet in room B100 for praise, devotion, and prayer. At 6:50pm, the Worship Orchestra rehearses in the WC contact Terry Janow if interested at

At 7:50pm, the Worship Choir and Orchestra combine in the WC for a run through of Sunday’s anthem and prayer time/groups. Come and be refreshed at the feet of Jesus as we worship Him in spirit and truth through music.

Like more information? Contact Kathi at 858-8649 or

Corporate Worship

Corporate Worship:
The Hoffmantown Music Ministry strives not to be “worship leaders,” but lead worshippers using relevant, vibrant, and meaningful music as we join together in God’s presence to make much of His glorious name.

Worship must be God centered, God focused, Christ magnifying and Christ exalting. It should lead believers into a meaningful personal and corporate encounter with God. Corporate worship should be a celebration of God’s presence among His people ­ an experience of the heart. Worship is not just a Sunday morning event ­ it is a lifestyle that is enhanced by a growing relationship with the Father (I Chronicles 21:24, Malachi 1:8).

We want to lead God’s people to engage their hearts in a celebration of praise to our great and awesome God; to support the message of the day with appropriate songs; and to do all things with excellence. I Chronicles 16:23-24 says,

“Give to the LORD the glory due His name and come before Him. Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!”

The purpose of the Music Ministry is to create a biblical environment where people are led, encouraged, and equipped to pursue Four Vital Relationships:

  • Connecting with God (worship)
  • Connecting with Others (growing as disciples/maturing)
  • Connecting in Ministry (through our spiritual gifts)
  • and Connecting in Life (impacting our world with the gospel)

We understand worship to be a response to God for who He is and what He has done, expressed in how we live our lives. Worship happens everywhere at Hoffmantown: through Bible studies, small groups, missions, people serving through their giftedness, and as each follower of Jesus experiences the Father, not only in our worship environments but in our daily lives.

Come and join us with your heart of worship.