Sunday School

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, that ye may be strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inward man”

Ephesians 3:16 ASV

What are Sunday School Classes?

Sunday School class, is a way for each person at Hoffmantown to be strengthened through the teaching of the Word of God as well as to fellowship with other like minded believers.

We are excited to invite you to get connected with other believers in one of our Sunday School classes. Our prayer is that you would experience healthy Biblical Community through Fellowship in the Word of God and with other believers. And that through this you would be strengthened in your walk with the Lord and others.

In Acts 2:42 we learn that the Early Church Believers “were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” The pattern they followed is one of spending time together in the Word of God, thanking the Lord for His salvation and praying together. The results were amazing in their own lives and in the lives of others. God did a work in them as well as through them and this is our prayer for each member of Hoffmantown Church. We welcome you to join us and are excited to see how the Lord leads you as you prayerfully consider getting connected into a Sunday School class. If there is anything that we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Adult Sunday School - Sundays at 8:15am

Class Name: Saints Alive!

Teacher: Bill Mculloch

Director: Lee Black

Class Size: 25

Room No: B202

Our Primary Emphasis is in building strong supportive relationships among our members fashioned in the environment of rigorous bible study. We also seek to form meaningful connections with specific mission activities close to home and around the world.

Class Name: Still Growing Strong

Teacher: Rob Mahon


Class Size: 70

Room No: B100

We serve God by putting His word into action with Hoffmantown as well as in the community

Class Name: TLC (Tender Loving Care)

Teacher: Jerry Cantrell

Director: Kyle Williams

Class Size: 8

Room No: B104

Class emphasis is on Bible study, discussion, and prayer in a caring atmosphere.

Class Name: Care Warriors

Teacher: Merv Jersak

Director: Jim and Tara Dearholt

Class Size: 25

Room No: B208

We are a class who cares for each other, prays for each other, encourages each other, and fellowships with each other. Mostly 50s and above, we welcome all ages. Teaching is Scripture-based, and highly interactive. Questions, comments, personal anecdotes, and discussion are all encouraged to enhance our collective understanding of the message of the lessons.

Adult Sunday School - Sundays at 11:00am

Class Name: Discipling for Christ

Teacher:Bill McCulloch


Class Size: 125

Room No: B209/221

Emphasizes the role of our Jewish predecessors and how their customs have molded scripture and our beliefs – our unending quest to truly know Christ. Our journey together is to become more like Christ through bible study, making of disciples and serving through community outreach ministries. The more we know and delve into his word, the more we follow him and disciple others by our walk.

Class Name: 

Teacher: Gordon Masten

Director: Wayne and Debra Byrd

Class Size: 15

Room No: B204

A group of brothers and sisters in Christ ranging in age from 30 something to 70 something who love Jesus Christ and each other. We have monthly socials called Friday night fun and do ministry together as opportunities arise.  Our teaching time is interactional with lots of discussion included with learning the scripture and its application to our lives.

Class Name: Pursuing God Together

Teacher: Kim Crissman

Director: Dan McNeill

Class Size: 30

Room No: B212

Class emphasis is on interactive learning, discipleship, and prayer.

Class Name: Good Samaritans

Teacher: Rob Mahon

Director: Peter Stascina

Class Size: 110

Room No: B208/210

All ages, mostly 50+, family-oriented, outstanding fellowship, small home groups serve 12-15 members each.  Guests most welcomed.  Strong Bible study and participatory discussion.

Class Name: 

Teacher: Marty Fuentes

Director: Jeffrey Martin

Class Size: 20

Room No: B214

Class emphasis is on in-depth study, lively group discussion, and prayer.

Class Name:

Teacher: Jim Smith

Director: Glen Butler

Class Size: 30

Room No: B202

Class emphasis is on teaching and fellowship.

Womens Sunday School - Sundays at 11:00am

Class Name: Forever Sisters

Teacher: Gayle Cilvik & Cheryl Glauner

Director: Deanna Talbot, Jan Seligman, Joann McKenna

Class Size: 50

Room No: B206

The class is a warm welcoming fellowship for women built upon the foundation of strong biblical teaching focusing on historical and cultural context. The ladies in this fellowship really do consider themselves ‘forever sisters’ and readily welcome all who seek this kind of love and acceptance.

Class Name: Women Walking in Grace

Teacher: Nancy Williams

Director: Susan Franse

Class Size: 15

Room No: B115

Helping women discover the empowering message of God’s grace through His Word. Come join us and bring a friend as we connect and build community with Christ, His church and one another.

Class Name: Lady Bereans

Teacher:Marie Cain

Director: Mary Lois Hulsman

Class Size: 15

Room No: B104

Biblical teaching and support group for ladies of all ages.

Young Couples/Parents Sunday School - Sundays at 11:00am

Class Name: Body Builders

Teacher: Wil Martin


Class Size: 25

Room No: B216

For All Age Groups and Any Marital Status. A group of brothers and sisters in Christ ranging in age from 30 something to 70 something who love Jesus Christ and each other.  We have monthly socials called Friday Night Fun and do ministry together as opportunities arise.  Our teaching time is interactional with lots of discussion included with learning the scripture and its application to our lives.

Class Name: Fresh Encounters

Teacher: Andrew Grabowski


Class Size: 30

Room No: Temporarily in B216 until 2021

Foy young couples/parents with children birth–3 yrs. Encountering Christ in every area and moment of our lives is what the Christian life is truly about. This class desires to know the Lord in a fresh way and experience Him as He leads. From Bible studies, to social gatherings and to missions, this class is a fellowship of believers learning to grow in Christ with a focus on marriage and parenting.

Class Name: CONDUIT - In Christ, We "Can Do It"

Teacher: Ken Macdonald

Director: Joe Crews

Class Size: 30

Room No: B111

We are mostly parents of high school and college students, joined by those students, studying God's Word. We discuss video series presented by modern scholars such as Frances Chan, Louie Giglio, and Paul Tripp. There is nobody who won't fit in.