Transition Team Purpose

The Tteam has been established as a temporary body for the purposes of discovering issues within the church and providing recommendations to the Council of Elders.

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Download the slides from the 9/9/18 Congregation Meeting.

Transition Team Updates from the Compass

Compass – 10/21/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (October 19, 2018) This Sunday, Pastor John Torrison will be preaching from Hebrews 9:15 on “The New Covenant.” Please plan on joining us. New Elder Nominations – Early in the transition phase, it was mentioned that new Elders will be added to the Council of Elders. As we seek the…

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Compass 10/14/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (October 12, 2018) This Sunday, Worship Pastor, David Hopkins, will be speaking on Ephesians 4. Please plan on joining us for this very special message. Gwen Hughes and Dave Haughton were asked, and after prayerful consideration, have joined the Governance Sub Team. Both have been long time members of Hoffmantown…

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Compass – 10/7/18

CHURCH-WIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update (October 5, 2018) This Sunday, Nate Herbst will be completing his portion of the series on the book of Ephesians, before departing on a ministry trip to Africa. Thank you, Nate, for bringing God’s Word to the body. Worship Pastor, David Hopkins, will be providing a very special message October…

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Transition Team

Deborah A., Wayne Byrd, Kim Crissman, Emray Goossen, Nate Hebst, Bradley Jared, Kirby Jefferson, Doug Lawson, Wilbur Martin, Bill McCullough, Jim Smith, Fran Stribling, Susie Taylor, Ben Wyne.

*The Pastors have been attending all meetings.

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The Tteam has been established as a temporary body for the purposes of discovering issues within the church and providing recommendations to the Council of Elders.


The Tteam is made up of the Elder Council, the chair of the Tteam, and individuals from the body. Based on recommendations and willingness to serve on the Tteam individuals from the body are considered on the basis of; their personal testimony, their desire to follow God as evidenced in their lives, and their dedication to the body of Christ. They must accept the requirements listed in this application form. The Tteam is made up of both men and women. Affirmation is required by the elders for service on the Tteam and sub-teams.
The appointment process is as follows:

  1. Name of candidate is submitted to the Tteam for consideration.
  2. Voiced objections will be discussed within the Tteam. If any member of the Tteam or pastors has an objection to the individual being proposed to serve on the Tteam, based upon Biblical principles, or behaviors their name will not be taken forward.
  3. With recommendation by the Tteam the individual is asked if they would like to serve.
  4. If the individual desires to serve they will be provided with the Tteam application.
  5. The completed documents will be reviewed by the Council of Elders for affirmation.


There shall be no more than 15 primary members of the Tteam core group.

The size of the individual sub teams is determined by the needs of that sub-team and affirmed by the Tteam. The sub-teams are composed of one or more of; an elder, a Tteam body member, and members from the congregation.


The number and frequency of meetings are dependent on the issues at hand. Initially meetings will be held weekly with additional meetings as determined based on topics. Meetings are always open to the pastors.


The Tteam will receive inputs from the congregation and provide responses to the individuals; confirming receipt of the inputs and providing responses as information is available at that time. The Tteam will bring issues and recommendations received from the body forward for discussion, actions, and follow-up. All Tteam members have the responsibility to raise concerns regarding church spiritual and organizational issues as well as Tteam responses, and behaviors.
The Tteam will walk alongside those committees already established; deacons, maintenance and renovation, women’s ministry, children and youth ministry, etc. to listen and support their ministry.
The Tteam will determine areas within Hoffmantown where concerns over its health need further assessment and form sub-teams to address areas that need significant study and work.


The Tteam is under the authority of the Elder Council according to the oversight guidance provided in scripture and in the Bylaws of Hoffmantown.


The Tteam is delegated the authority to perform tasks as identified in the responsibility section of this document. Final decision authority resides with Elder Council. The Tteam has the authority to form and delegate specific tasks to sub-teams. The sub-teams operate under the authority of the Tteam as delegated by the elders.

Sub Teams

Mission and Vision:

Define the Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy, of Hoffmantown church and how these drive the Structure. Identify what should be and what could be according to the scriptures. Develop a vision casting and a remembrance approach for all body ownership and engagement. Make them plain so that all who read may run (Hab 2:2).
The product of this team significantly drives governance, ministerial and other team directions so the initial vision casting and buy-in is crucial to and by all teams.


Evaluate and recommend church governance modifications (the elder structure will remain in place). Review the current Bylaws for weaknesses and make recommendations for improvements.


With a focus on scriptural foundations and individual discipleship, work with the various ministries including pastors, staff, and currently operating councils, to help strengthen them. By listening to those who work in these areas identify, prioritize, and recommend opportunities for improvement.


Already functioning this team will continue to evaluate the state of the property, obtain estimates of work to be completed, and develop a schedule of recommended dates of work to be accomplished.


This team will review the mechanisms in place for communication within and to the body and make recommendations for improvement. This includes an evaluation of what, when, where, and how communication is to be handled.

Pastoral search committee:

When the time is right, after the Mission and Vision, Governance, and Ministerial teams have completed their work this team can be launched into full search mode. Formation can begin earlier for exploratory purposes but the outputs of the sub-teams are necessary for any prospective pastor to understand the path set forward for Hoffmantown.

Other: as needed.

If you are interested in joining a sub team please download and fill out the transition team application.