Deacons Ministry

For those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a high standing and great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.
1 Timothy 3:13

Deacons "SERVING" Ministry Teams

S– Support Team – ministry to families

E– Encouragement Team – benevolence, funeral

R– Response Team – property, projects, security, emergencies

V– Visitation Team – hospitals, home bound, nursing homes, rehab

I– Invitation Team – community outreach

N– New Member Team – visiting & plugging in new members; connecting new members with a deacon contact

G– Greeter Team – welcome guests, cart, desk, door, ushers

Deacon Ministry Teams

Deacon Team Leader

  • Is a member in good standing of Hoffmantown Church.
  • Is an active member of the Deacon Body at Hoffmantown Church.
  • The primary contact for the staff, deacons and the church body in relation to their team’s duties.
  • Appoints a secondary contact in the event he is unavailable to serve.
  • Informs the deacon chairman or appropriate church staff member of the secondary contact.
  • Manages the Teams duties in coordination with the deacon chairman and/or appropriate church staff member.
  • Contacts team members on a regular basis (through meetings/informal contact, etc.). With God’s help, seeks to be an encouragement to them (1 Thessalonians 5:11).
  • Prepared to give a summary of the team’s activities at deacon’s meeting.
  • May recruit additional qualified team members as needed.
  • Communicates this with the deacon chairman or appropriate church staff member.
  • Resolves issues that may arise within the team. Reports unresolved issues to deacon chairman.
  • Agrees to serve for a minimum of one year.

Ministry Team Member

  • May be a deacon, Hoffmantown member or regular attendee. (Only Hoffmantown members may be involved in activities related to doctrine, for example, sharing the gospel message related to team activities.)
  • Executes his/her duties under the direction of the Deacon Team Leader.
  • Informs team leader promptly if he/she is unable to be present for team activities.
  • Agrees to serve for a minimum of one year.

Additional Requirements/Expectations

  • Complete training
  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Communicate with team leader

For questions email

For more information on deacon teams download the PDF.


Bob Benton
Ralph Bonner
Drayton Boozer
Tom Chavez
Ruben Cisneros
Joe Crews
Phil Fagan
Marty Fuentes
Stacy Fugate
Ross Haldeman
Dave Holten
T. Hoyt
Lyn Hughes
Bradley Jared
Dave Jarvis
Keith Kitchens
Bob Lee
Robert Malseed
Jeffrey Martin
Wil Martin
John McBee
Lloyd McPeters
Chris Messina
Steve Nelson
Mark Pickle
Virgil Polk
Allan Rider
Rod Rodriquez
Jeff Rose
John Wesley Sanchez
John Stockton
Jimmy Stribling
Jim Strickland
Jay Thornton
Larry Voss
Bob Whittaker
Deacon Emeritus:
Bill Bennett
Gary Chemistruck
Dale Shelby
Bud Watkins
Kyle Williams